Sauce Labs is a cloud-hosted, web and mobile application testing company based in San Francisco, California. Founded by Jason Huggins, the creator of Selenium, Sauce Labs lets users run Selenium, Appium, and JavaScript unit tests across 650+ browser and OS platforms at scale without setting up or maintaining dedicated testing infrastructure.

With more than 150,000 users, Sauce Labs is trusted and loved by customers across every industry, including, Dropbox, Twitter, PayPal, Yahoo!, Etsy, Google and more.

At the core of Sauce Labs is our understanding and commitment to security. From our private data center in Mountain View to our “security through purity” architecture of never reusing, sharing or storing data on VMs, Sauce Labs is the most secure, reliable and stable way to run your tests cross-browser in the cloud.

A big supporter of the open source community, Sauce Labs is behind projects such as Appium, Monocle, and Selenium Builder. We also offer free accounts to all open source projects and provide the testing infrastructure for popular OSS projects such as the Selenium Project, Mozilla, and Ember.js.

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