Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

The pharmaceutical and Life science Industry is a heavily regulated sector and has been facing huge challenges. The challenges are due to the regulations arising out of patent issues, mounting costs, peer pressures etc from the competitors. Newer products are released in to the market each day to cope up with the new research out comes, and thereby the regulatory procedures are to be stringently followed.

The manufacturing procedures have to be correctly adhered to. Because of the direct impact to the people, this segment is quite sensitive. The various pharmaceutical products have to be monitored right from the manufacturing to the time it is delivered. The lifecycle of the product is always focused on. Because of the criticality of the products, the right supply chain management has to be ensured. Each action has to be future focused. The industry has thus taken advantage of the technology to adopt to the dynamics. At Test Yantra, the team is focused on the dynamics of the domain and constantly strive to provide best services to its customers.


  • Supply chain Management
  • Regulatory Compliance - FDA, HIPAA etc.