SAP Testing

Test Yantra offers the following Services under this head:

SAP Functional Testing: SAP Functional Testing Service delivers a complete end to end tested solution considering transaction dependencies, data dependencies and user security across end to end SAP business process.

SAP Performance Testing: Under this Extensive experience, methodologies, tools and professional services are used to:

Assess key metrics of business critical processes under load.

Analyze server processing time with client response time

Observe CPU, memory, and network utilization.

Identify scalability anomalies and devise the best Performance Testing Strategy

SAP Automation: This service delivers a complete automated testing solution for functional and regression testing. It helps customers to reduce risk of SAP application failures. Whenever new versions are implemented and “hot-packs” are applied to the application, the complete regression suite of automated tests are executed to verify and validate critical business processes errors.


Increased end-user confidence in SAP implementation.

Reduced cost and time of Implementation.

Finding and resolving defects earlier.

Reduced system lifecycle maintenance costs.

Critical issues identified and fixed before Go-Live.

Deliver a comprehensive Performance Testing Suite analyzing bottlenecks and pain points.

Optimal selection criteria to demonstrate performance limits and likely failure points.

Ensure robustness and reliability of application under test.

Identification of tuning opportunities to increase system performance and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Identification of underperforming technical components enabling tuning or extra hardware provision to be sourced

Facilitator in Change Management.

Covers maximum business processes under Regression Testing Suite.

Usage of SAP Accelerators to fasten automation script development.