Siebel CRM Testing

Test Yantra offers the following Services under this head:

Siebel CRM Functional Testing: The Service gives end-to-end functional testing of Siebel CRM applications, manage application testing process and ensures maximum test coverage.

Siebel CRM Testing Automation: CRM testing automation services provides end to end testing for Siebel CRM application. It delivers an efficient and disciplined testing process with best practices.

Siebel CRM Performance Testing: This service will help provide information on the performance of Siebel applications under real user workloads once deployed to production. This will ensure that it will be able to withstand the expected number of concurrent users while maintaining acceptable performance and response times. It helps to identify and address critical bottlenecks prior to deployment.


Improves stability and application quality by allowing increased Test Coverage and Negative Testing of the application.

To provide complete functionality coverage across different business process of Siebel CRM applications.

Minimize ramp-up cost and empower entire teams to create sophisticated test suites following best Practices

Presents the test case as a business workflow to the tester.

Reduces the manual testing effort required for each release.

Reduced cost and run multiple times during Regression testing.

Identifies throughput/response time required to support anticipated peak production load.

Identification of bottlenecks and design faults hindering system performance (web server, application server.