Test Strategy Consulting

Testing Practices Assessment is the capability to proactively facilitate approach or improvements to testing practices by delivering an objective assessment of a client’s current testing situation and suggest improvements based on accurate assessments.

Some of the major activities here involve the following:

Understanding and evaluating the client’s current testing practices.

Understanding and evaluating the conformity of the testing team to those testing practices.

Assessing the quality of the work being produced.

Measuring the progress of the testing team against the schedule (s).

Mapping this information to best practices (gap analysis).

Documenting the assessment findings and recommending improvements and approaches to best testing practices.

The following are the benefits of this Service:

Delivers an expert, objective assessment of the current testing situation with minimal disruption to the operation of the organization under assessment

Through a “dashboard view” of the gap between the current situation and optimal levels of testing maturity

provides a basis for improving testing practices to key stakeholders

Provides specific, feasible recommendations and a prioritized improvement plan that supports an efficient and cost-effective improvement program

Establishes a baseline against which progress in improving testing practices can be monitored through follow-up assessments