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Social Messenger/Mobile Crowd Testing


  • India's first social and Technology Company with an app that is a freeware
  • The app is All-in social communication hub through mobile apps


  • Checking the stability and quality of new such as Audio Calling, Group Conference, Video Chat, etc.
  • Required far more control process than normal testing projects
  • Testing across different network circles to simulate real world use.
  • Required testing across network operators and network types
  • Compatibility across various types of devices and form factors was a very important challenge and requirement to be addressed.



  • Specific matrix were defined which included (but not limited to) Video Frame Drops, Latency, Duration of Playback, Audio Sync issues, Image Blockings, Image Blurriness, etc. among others.
  • With concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), real world subset of devices for testing were provided.
  • Over 36 types of Network combinations were tested efficiently

Technology & Tools

  • Jira, Burp Suite, Android Profiler, Xcode
  • ADB monitor tool, Performance monitoring tools


  • Access to hundreds of different devices and test resources within a very short span of time. Testing across multiple platforms and form factors offered the customer more control on the product release.
  • Based on quantitative feedback provided on the application performance, within a few cycles, app was stabilized and ready for market.
  • Feature wise breakup and problem areas shared for better prioritization.

Crowd Execution Report