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Salesforce Lightning Implementation


  • Leading provider of protection solution with the dominant global presence.
  • To have single CRM platform to maintain global business


  • Need to identify and establish well defined QA process and governance for quality improvements.
  • Complex architecture evolved due to consolidation of business units across the globe.
  • Multiple vendors involved in development and testing


  • Different types of test cases were identified and prepared to cover functional, integration, user role and system level requirements
  • Regression test suite were built to make sure the platform was stable due to frequent changes in the application.
  • Automatable test cases were identified to build automation suite.

Technology& Tools

  • Java and Selenium
  • Cucumber, Maven, Test NG
  • Jenkins CI, Github


  • Significant (5x) reduction in overall testing effort per cycle
  • Significant reduction in defect density because of requirement review process
  • Solution designed to manage Test data Creation as well as test case execution
  • Framework built to automate multi users, multi flow & multi parameters

Automation Framework

Automation framework