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Services Delivery Platform on DevOps Automation


  • MNC providing IT and Networking Technology Solutions



  • Services Platform envisioned to interface all partners
  • Leverage capabilities across Cx and Client Pools
  • REST API and Cloud based Architecture


  • Project run on DevOps culture and SAFe Practices
  • Single framework planned for both UI and Web Services
  • BDD Approach to better integrate with Business Teams
  • Aim for quicker automation and reduce testing overheads
  • Customized Reporting for both API and UI


  • JavaScript, Webstorm, Eclipse CHE (Cloud Hosted Environment)
  • Apickli API Automation
  • CucumberJS, ProtractorJS


  • More than 600 User stories automation on both UI and API
  • Tests run in DevOps pipeline with 0 downtime
  • Testing is finally in line with Dev timelines
  • Modifications and New Test Automation takes lesser time due to BDD

Automation Framework